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Jay Parrish is a commercial and residential construction Project Manager & Estimator who has learned from experience ($110m+) that targeted training efforts upfront will help project managers take on bigger and more complicated projects earlier in their careers.  He knows that proficiency is the pathway to profit, and he devotes his expertise to helping business and individuals succeed.

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Employer Expectations

  • Trained personnel that have learned the core fundamentals of construction project management, faster and earlier on, with a high predictability of outcome

  • Employees with construction management documentation administration skill sets that are used throughout a career

  • Focused training up front that enables project managers to take on bigger and more complicated projects earlier in their careers

  • Employee retention: Demonstrate that upper management has a genuine interest in employee development.  To attract and retain Level 10 talent, there needs to be Level 10 opportunity

•    Predictable growth patterns

Individual Expectations

  • Have applicable core / fundamental construction project management skill sets

  • Know good habits that are based on lessons learned and best practices

  • Replace the “deer in the headlights” experiences with strategy and problem solving techniques

  • See complications clearly and solve problems confidently

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For Everyone

  • Improve productivity: Reduce the pressure on employees who have to bear the added responsibility of “bringing someone up to speed”

  • Confirm who is capable (and promotable) earlier

  • Foster good work habits that reduce unnecessary interruptions and mistakes. Bad habits are hard to undue

  • Showcase outward facing abilities

All ships rise with the tide.  Invest in training those who need it most!

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