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It takes years, entire careers, and sometimes split seconds to learn life-long lessons. This content is integrated throughout the Project Management curriculum and is dedicated to teaching real-life Best Practices from seasoned Construction Management and Estimating professionals.  The course material entails live discussions of situational anecdotes unique to the construction industry. Topics include:

  • Staying ahead and the perils of falling behind

  • Familiarity with finding something wrong or missing

  • How to "set the table" for the team players

  • How to manage weak-link team members without eroding professional relationships

  • Why a company's success stems beyond an individual's critical concerns of today, and how to be the team player that recognizes this

  • The real cost of short-term decision making

  • Burying problems is like planting a seed

  • How to take responsibility when others fall down

  • The long-term meaning of on time on budget, and to the satisfaction of the owner

  • How to get someone to do something

  • The effective way to approach those who are much too busy

  • 90% complete is not complete

  • The team approach: Owners, Architects, and Contractors

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