It takes years, entire careers, and sometimes split seconds to learn life-long valuable lessons. This section of the course is dedicated to teaching real-life best practices, from seasoned construction management and estimating professionals.  The course material combines articles, video interviews, and situational anecdotes unique to the construction industry. Topics include:

  • Staying Ahead and the Perils of Falling Behind

  • Familiarity with Finding Something Wrong or Missing

  • How to "Set the Table" for the Team Players Counting on You

  • How to Manage Weak-Link Team Members without Eroding Professional Relationships

  • Why a Company's Success Stems Beyond an Individual's Critical Concerns of Today, and How to be the Team Player that Recognizes This

  • The Real Cost of Short-Term Decision Making

  • Burying Problems is Like Planting a Seed

  • How to Take Responsibility When Others Fall Down

  • The Long-Term Meaning of On Time, On Budget, and to the Satisfaction of the Owner

  • Quality is Free

  • How to Get Someone to do Something

  • The Effective Way to Approach Those Who are Much too Busy

  • 90% Complete is Not Complete

  • The Team Approach: Owners, Architects, and Contractors