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Print and specification reading is the backbone to learning and understanding construction materials, assemblies, and building terminology.  This course section covers both residential and light commercial construction using four different projects: A brick veneer single family residence, a 3-1/2 story, 14-unit condominium building, a Wendy's® Restaurant, and a newly constructed 19,000 sq ft multi-story Veterinary Center.  Students learn how to read, interpret, and answer pointed questions pertaining to:

  • Site Plans

  • Utility Plans

  • Grading Plans

  • Foundation Plans

  • Floor Plans

  • Interior & Exterior Elevations

  • Sections & Details

  • Roof Plans

  • Reflected Ceiling Plans

  • Door & Window Schedules

  • Finish Schedules

  • Electrical Drawings

  • Lighting Schedules

  • Mechanical Drawings

  • Plumbing Fixture Schedules

  • Mechanical Equipment Schedules


Detailed Specifications describing the building components and construction procedures are included.  This course contains 12 lessons, each with Review Questions and Trade Competency Tests. 


There is one Final Examination.

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