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Dedicated to training entry-level professionals

the fundamentals of construction project management


What We Do

Train entry-level management professionals:

  • Construction terminology and assemblies

  • Print reading

  • Specification reading

  • Project management document administration

Enable project managers to take on bigger and more complicated projects earlier in their careers

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How We Do It

In-depth print and specification reading as the backbone to understanding construction vocabulary and building assemblies across all divisions

Step-by-step walk through and life-cycle analysis of:

  • RFIs

  • Submittals

  • Change Orders

  • Cost Tracking & Cost Projections

  • Subcontracts & Purchase Orders

  • Job Start-up, Close-in, and Close-out

  • Meeting Minutes

  • Pay Applications

  • Critical Path Scheduling

  • Structured discussions of real life “intangibles” at the core of best business practices

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What to Expect

  • Trained personnel that have learned the core fundamentals of construction project management, earlier and faster, with a high predictability of outcome

  • Employees with construction management document administration skill sets that are used throughout a career

  • Focused training up front that enables project managers to take on bigger and more complicated projects earlier in their careers

  • Predictable growth patterns

This is the only construction management program available that teaches construction paperwork administration and documentation specific to this industry.


THE RESULT - Predictability of Outcome

Trained personnel that can:

  • Navigate, interpret, and extract information from contemporary residential and commercial prints and specifications; pinpoint missing / inaccurate information

  • Recognize and articulate residential and commercial building assemblies across all divisions

  • Comprehend Civil, Architectural, and Structural plans

    • Geometric, Grading, & Utility (plans and details)

    • Foundation plans

    • Floor plans

    • Interior / exterior Architectural elevations, sections, and details

    • Roof plans

    • Room finish schedules

    • Door & hardware schedules

    • Window schedules

    • Electrical & Mechanical drawings / schedules

    • Photometric & Security

    • Landscape drawings

  • Create, process, and track:

    • Job Start-up Checklists, RFIs, Submittals, Change Orders, Subcontracts, Job Close-in Checklists, Cost Logs & Cost Projections, Meeting Minutes, Pay Applications, Punch List / Closeout Checklists, Critical Path Scheduling

  • Understand real-world best practices that are directly applicable to construction Project Management and Estimating


 Print & Specification Reading 

(Fall 2022) 

  Project Management  

  Best Practices  


 Print & Specification Reading Lessons


Estimating & Take-off Lessons

(Coming Fall 2022)


Project Management Lessons


Live Best Practices Discussions

How to Work With Us



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Enrollment is easy.  Please contact us for a quick Q&A.  It only takes 3-5 minutes to sign up at Building Futures, and we will provide everything needed to get going.

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